CameraAce's photo management and editing suite will transform the average photographer into an artist

Advanced Filters & Frames

With over 35 different frames and filters to enhance your photographs, CameraAce makes it easy to find the perfect enhancements for your photographs.  

Collage Composer

Create beautiful photo arrangements with CameraAce's collage composer. Choose from more than 20 different arrangements including Facebook Cover Photo templates.

Edit Photos with the S Pen

Sketch and doodle on your photos with the Samsung S Pen--hover over onscreen elements for effect previews and more detailed information.

Organize Your Photos

CameraAce organizes photos as they are taken based on your photography themes. Enhance multiple photos at a time with our batch photography theme function.

Create Your Own Themes

Create up to 10 preset themes to use on your photography subjects. No need to repeatedly add effects and frames after every photo shoot.

Slideshow Sharing

Arrange your photos into a beautiful slideshow with background music and then share them with your friends and family via Facebook, Twitter and more.


CameraAce Version 4.0

slideshow manager

New Slideshow Manager! Upgrade to a premium subscription (for $2.99/month) to unlock even more features including access to over 150 frames and filters.

    • Manage up to 100 slideshows with a premium subscription, or 10 on a free plan
    • The UI has been improved. Now you will manipulate photos on white leather table and glass shelve.
    • Camera grouping feature. You can put cameras in a camera bag by drag and drop gesture to group.
    • Mosaic photo feature. Do more with the photos you love – create your Mosaic collage!
    • Performance improvements and bug fixes

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CameraAce's comprehensive photo organization and editing tools are essential for any Android user.


CameraAce can help users of all types improve their mobile photography experience



Create your own Custom Galleries and organize them in the ways you like

“I snap photos of famous architecture in all sorts of places for my classes and I can group them for easy access.”

Joe (Architecture Student)



The Preset themes are a convenient way to build and organize your photo collection!

“I enjoy taking pictures of my pastries and sharing them on my blog.  CameraAce’s photography themes automatically apply my favorite presets.” 

 Helen (Food Blogger)




Share all your precious moments in a Slideshow however you’d like

“I love to capture memories of my family, especially my daughter Emma.  Sharing those precious moments has never been easier and lovelier than with CameraAce’s slideshow mode.

  Karen (Mother)


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